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Hardest Hit Alabama is now accepting loans meeting certain qualifications for consideration as part of a pilot program. This website manages the initial prequalification and intake stages of the application process for the Hardest Hit Alabama program.  The homeowner can easily navigate through the intuitive step-by-step process to complete their application for the Hardest Hit Fund assistance and upload supporting documents.  This initial intake stage of an application can be performed simply by the homeowner or any combination of approved partners, along with, or without, the homeowner.

To begin, a profile must be created to login to the site. Once logged in, the user continues through an initial set of pre-qualification questions that help determine whether the user may or may not be eligible for the program.  If eligible, this website walks the user through completing his/her application and uploading any supporting files.

All required fields in the homeowner application must be completed before it can be submitted. Once the user submits the application it is processed by the Hardest Hit Alabama staff.  The homeowner can monitor the status of his/her application using the My Status page.

At any time, if additional help is needed, click the Help icon Help.png on the top right corner of the screen and instructions about that screen will display.